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On May 27, 2004, at 4:54 AM, Linux-Guru wrote:
I found a patch [1] at [2] which enables qmail to first check against vpopmail
if the user (email-address) is existant before accepting mail for it.
Yesterday I asked in #qmail (IRC-channel) for any experiences and/or
recommendations with this patch and have been told by Jeremy Kitchen that
this patch is "UGLY" and "HORRIBLE" and has glibc-stuff in it.
As he seems to have a "little bit" more experience than me, I trust him. :-)

[1] http://www.interazioni.it/qmail/easy-way-1.0.patch
[2] http://www.interazioni.it/qmail/#qmail-smtpd

Your message was oddly well timed! I was kind of debating whether to take the time to package my own patch up for the rest of the world, and I guess I might as well. I looked at the patches from interazioni.it, and was unable to get them to compile cleanly (on Gentoo i686). My qmail server serves a small ISP, and it had been dying under the load of unbouncable junk mail. We actually just upgraded the hardware rather significantly, and while I had the chance, I built my own pre-checking scripts for qmail/vpopmail.

I used the GPL'd patches from interazioni.it as inspiration and to get an idea of how to go about hacking what I needed into qmail-smtpd.c. You can find my patches along with detailed descriptions here: https://mail.adirondack.net/?p20

These patches don't have any glibc stuff in them, and they do check for catch-all aliases.

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