Vpopmail 5.4.2
  Courier-imap 3.0.3

I compiled Qmail, Vpopmail, and Courier-Imap according to the following


I also created the ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain file with the domain I
wanted in there for the default domain.

All POP logins work great, but with IMAP, only the virtual domains (or
rather, any domain other than the 'default domain') are able to login
in; the 'default domain' fails on IMAP login, regardless of whether I
user the '@defaultdomain.tld' or not (Note: '@defaultdomain' is of
course, a place-holder for the actual domain I used)

I have gone over a few other Qmail-Vpopmail-Courier-imap HOWTOS, and
cannot find anything wrong .

Of course, if I remove the 'defaultdomain' file, then the users under
the '@defaultdomain.tld' can log in via IMAP (assuming they use the full
email address).

Unfortunately, it is not too practical for me to do this, since there
are several hundred users who are under the 'default domain', and almost
all log in with only the first part of their email address.

ANy ideas as to what is wrong, and possibly how to correct would be
greatly appreciated!


Alan Murrell

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