On May 28, 2004, at 9:30 PM, Alan Murrell wrote:
All POP logins work great, but with IMAP, only the virtual domains (or
rather, any domain other than the 'default domain') are able to login
in; the 'default domain' fails on IMAP login, regardless of whether I
user the '@defaultdomain.tld' or not (Note: '@defaultdomain' is of
course, a place-holder for the actual domain I used)

It sounds like the vpopmail code in Courier-IMAP doesn't correctly handle default domains. I know that Michael Bowe did a lot of work on that code recently -- are you using the latest release of Courier-IMAP? I just took a look at 3.0.4, and it appears to do everything that it should -- the call to parse_email should set Domain to the default domain if there isn't an '@' in the email address.

At some point in the development cycle, we changed from a hard-coded default domain to one stored in an external file. It looks like courier relies entirely on vpopmail code to set the default domain (which is a good thing), so it shouldn't be affected by our change.

If you're running MySQL, then I assume it isn't a permissions issue, since Courier wouldn't be able to read the vpopmail.mysql file.

If not, make sure that ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain is world-readable, that could be part of the problem. Keep in mind that ~vpopmail/etc/ needs to be readable by the user that Courier-IMAP runs as.

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