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Patrick Donker wrote:

I use qmail + vpopmail + courier-imapd + squirrelmail.
My question is; what would be the easiest way to inplement a
change-password option in Squirrel? I have found a plugin, but that is
based on pam, which I dont use. I need something that uses vchkpw. My
guess is that somebody on this list has solved this already before, so,
why not ask ;) ?



There is no need to post your question to the list twice, i am pretty
sure we all read it, and even if we did not, then nobody knowns the answer.

The easiest way? Well that all depends on how your vpopmail is setup.

Do you use MySQL? cdb? PGSQL? These are all determining factors.

For all of them there are different way's that it could be done. For the
cdb based one it would be a bit harder, but i bet it could be done some
way. Check out the new php module/vpopmail deamon method and see if that
could be an option.

So far, all I know of is that plugin that uses PAM.

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Sorry for my double post, but I didnt see my first posting on the list, so I thought something went wrong...my bad apparently...
Anyhow, I dont use any database backend, just plain old cdb. I did find something, but for that I have to recompile imap again, so that will be something for another day. If I got things working I'll post the solution on this list.


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