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For cdb there are these things you can do.

1) Wait till the PHP extensions fully work and the vpopmail deamon that
the PHP extensions use fully work

First a little correction, the PHP extension and the vpopmail daemon are
two different ways to do the same thing.  The extension gives PHP direct
access to the vpopmail library and should only be run in a closed
environment because it trusts any PHP user.  The daemon validates
connections and limits access based on the current users' rights.

Nope, last i checked the vpopmail extensions in PHP USE the vpopmail deamon and just make wrap around function for the sockets that need to be opened and validation of data.

That is as far as i can read from the entire thread, but I am of course
totally wrong.

I'm not sure what thread you are looking at, but considering that I wrote all the PHP code on http://pmailadmin.sourceforge.net/, more than doubled the size of the code in the vpopmail extension for PHP, and have patches in vpopmail and qmail admin, I think I have some idea which code does what. :)

<snip auth backends>

If I wasn't in the process of preparing for a release, I might consider
putting it up on a live server, and intend to do so right after release.
If you already run a recent version of vpopmail, you should be able to
compile the daemon and run it alongside your existing mail system.  I
have no doubt you can use it for password changes on CDB very easily.

I will have a server i can use for random tests up one of these days.

Cool! Just because it works on my machine doesn't mean its done. Let me know what happens... Since I am the last one to touch much of the code in vpopmail and qmailadmin, [1] I should probably be the first to look at the problems. <sigh...> That discussion should probably be on the SourceFORGE vpopmail-devel list.



[1] This refers to the CVS versions only.

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