Is it possible to calculate the amount of bandwidth used per domain?

The only thing I'm seeing in the logs (/var/log/qmail/qmail-smtpd/current)
is pretty cyptic to see even what domain is getting all of the email for.

@4000000040bca54c0d132524 tcpserver: status: 11/20
@4000000040bca54c0d1338ac tcpserver: pid 32184 from
@4000000040bca54c0d268614 tcpserver: ok 32184
@4000000040bca54c367f39ac tcpserver: status: 12/20
@4000000040bca54c367f4d34 tcpserver: pid 32186 from
@4000000040bca54c3691e304 tcpserver: ok 32186


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