Hi, Alan
This user your web server is 'www' (apache 1.3.31 on FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE)
Permissons is altered in the domains (vpopmail) drwx------ for drwxrwx--- 
(770) e group www is on vchkpw, is probleman persist

File not found:

#cat /etc/group

> What user is your web server running as?  I think it needs permissions
> to read right through from the parent directory.  I think Vpopmail uses
> the following directory permissions:
>   drwx------
> I get around this by running the web server as vpopmail:vchkpw (since
> the webmail is sitting on the mail server, and is only used for webmail,
> then this doesn't usually pose a problem)
> Keep in mind as well that any files that are edited are done so as the
> user the web server is running as; if that user is unable to write to
> that file, then edits will fail.
> HTH.
> Alan

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