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I'm not sure what thread you are looking at, but considering that I wrote all the PHP code on http://pmailadmin.sourceforge.net/, more than doubled the size of the code in the vpopmail extension for PHP, and have patches in vpopmail and qmail admin, I think I have some idea which code does what. :)

My bad. It's in that thread where we discussed the PHP extensions and
how it could be improved. I remember you or someone else saying that the
 functions that would be added to the php extensions would in fact just
be wrapper functions for the deamon so that there is no hassle with that.

My memory has failed me, time for me to go search for the thread, and
reread it.

No problem... the info at http://pmailadmin.sourceforge.net/ is probably more current. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll get the info added there.


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