François Wautier wrote:


Duly noting the near absolute lack of interest in my previous email (Only Devendra Singh responded indicating he had the same problem), I decided to go and figure out things my way.

Good job. I use CDB, and don't know enough about using MySQL with vpopmail to find something like that. Unless someone objects I plan to put this in HEAD, and suggest it go into the stable branch too.

I like the fact that this patch separates hard errors from soft errors, checking first if it can open the database connection at all and aborting on failure. It works well with the changes in error handling that I am working on.

I wish I understood the base problem better, I don't know if we are just covering up a database problem. You are sure you aren't running out of MySQL children at peak loads, right? Being on the border of having too many requests for the number of MySQL children allowed could cause what you are seeing.

Even if that turns out to be your real problem I think this is a better way to handle opening the database. I have posted the patch on SourceFORGE. [967994]


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