On Jun 7, 2004, at 10:30 AM, Ken Jones wrote:
On Monday 07 June 2004 4:24 am, ro0ot wrote:
I am running vpopmail 5.3.30 with qmail 1.03 and qmailadmin 1.0.29

I already set the .qmailadmin-limits to a particular domain with the
setting below but I still can send email via the mail server, why?

You might want to upgrade to the lasted production version 5.4.4

Ken Jones

You will definitely want to upgrade. I just checked the ChangeLog, and in the release after 5.3.30 I added a fix to "Correctly apply domain limits to user accounts."

Take a look at the ChangeLog yourself -- there were probably 100+ changes made between 5.3.30 and the final 5.4.0 release.

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