On Wednesday 09 June 2004 7:53 am, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question in regards to .qmail file processing. I am trying to
> setup a simple filtering to move spammed message to another folder using
> .qmail files. Basically something like that:
> | condredirect [EMAIL PROTECTED] grep 'Subject: [SPAM]'
> ./name/Maildir/
> For simple address like [EMAIL PROTECTED], creating a .qmail-name in the
> domain directory works, but for more complex address
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] .qmail-first.lastname doesn't seem to be
> processed.
> Is the syntax of a .qmail file different if there is a . in the address
> name?
> Also why do I have to specify the full path for Maildir. In the doc it
> seems that I should have only to specify ./Maildir/. But doing so
> doesn't work

It might be as simple as "." characters are not allowed in .qmail file names.
Instead use a ":" like: .qmail-first:lastname

Check the dot-qmail man page.

Ken Jones

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