On Wednesday 09 June 2004 1:44 pm, Martin Leduc wrote:
> Hi,
> Can I have the exhaustiv log with vchkpw?
> Like
> w.x.y.x session Open OK
> SEND USER...... OK
> SEND PASS...... OK
> SEND LIST ....... OK
> RETR 1 .......... ERROR
>      ERROR BECAUSE........
> Currently, I have customer who connect to my VPOPMAIL Server, see the
> amount of the Email to retrieve but dont retrieve it and Outlook tell
> "Contact your ADM"
> The only log I see is "Connexion......OK  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:IP"

Look into recordio. You can put it in front of any tcpserver controlled 
service and it will allow you to log the complete conversation between
the client and server. 

Ken Jones

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