i have some problems since last week. 
I have qmailserver running with vpopmail for several years for 
different customers.
Last week i add some .qmail-files (.qmail-seconduser) to an virtual 
domain. The mails to this useres will be copied to an existing 
account (regulary user). Also I add another virt. domain-alias to the 
exiting domain.

now the problem is:

if i send an email to the "second-user" the mail is copied to the 
regulary user. If I send an email to the regulary user, the email is 
copied to the default-account.

Another thing. If i use vdominfo to the regulary domain it shows me 0 
users, but there are more than 10 emailaccounts for this domain.

For other domains this works great.

So, did someone have an idea what goes wrong?

Sorry for my bad english.

Best regards 
Reinhold Roppert

RM.ROPPERT, it management agentur
Mühlstrasse 6. 89077 Ulm, Germany
Fon: ++49 731 9386495, 

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