I am trying to migrate and old qmail/vpopmail server to a newer version on a 
different machine with mysql authentication, the old one is compiled without 
cleartext passwords..

What i did:
Make a tarball of the old domains and untar in the new ~vpopmail/domains
[EMAIL PROTECTED] # scp /var/qmail/users/{assign,cdb} new-qmail:/var/qmail/users/
[EMAIL PROTECTED] # scp ~vpopmail/users/vpasswd* new-qmail:/home/vpopmail/users/

on new-qmail i fixed ownerships and permissions of the abovementioned files
and ran:
~vpopmail/bin/vconvert -c -m -d

All the conversions were done successfully according to vconvert, but when i 
try too authenticate using credentials that _do_ work on the old one i get an 
authentication failure ?

Could someone explain what i am doing wrong, looking at the database layout 
there is a encrypted _and_ an cleartext password so i assumed that 
authentication is still done against the encrypted one.. ?

It would be a big problem if i had to give all the users a new password just 
because i need an hardware/software upgrade ..

Thanks in advance, i hope u can enlighten me on the matter.


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