On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 22:01, Tom Collins wrote:
> Can anyone report on performance of the MySQL and/or Postgres
> backendsin 5.5.0 or later on a production machine?  I made some
> significantchanges related to building SQL queries which should make
> them moresecure.  I also fixed some outstanding bugs in Postgres code
> andconsolidated some code in MySQL and Postgres.

I have been using 5.5.0 in production for about a month with the
Postqresql back end.  So far it has held up very well and have not had
any performance/stability problems.

I remember I had some problems in the beginning...but I didn't send them
to the list because previous messages regarding the use of the
Postgresql back end had went unanswered.

Looking through my notes....I had problems with --enable-pgsql-logging
and --enable-valias

--enable-pgsql-logging I remember, never created the appropriate
table(s).  When I created the table(s) by hand, it still would not log
anything to it.

--enable-valias  I can't remember exactly what the problem was here as I
didn't keep very good notes.  I remember I had a problem with the 5.4.x
series as well, but I would receive a different error.  I couldn't
create an alias that would be delivered to 2 different accounts.  And I
remember in the 5.5.x series, if I tried to use valias with the -s
switch to look up an alias it would just print out the destination
address over and over again until I sent it a ctrl-c.  I believe if it
didn't do that it would segfault.

Sorry I do not have more specifics for you.

My current configure line is:

/configure --enable-clear-passwd --enable-logging=p
--enable-learn-passwords --enable-qmail-ext --enable-auth-module=pgsql

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