Charles M. Gerungan wrote:

I really don't see why you would have to recompile qmail, and especially
qmail-smtpd. qmail-smtp uses an external password checker like vchkpw.
qmail-send bounces the message if it can't find a match.

The vpopmail library is statically linked, so every time you recompile it you have to re-link everything that uses it. Many configuration changes in vpopmail require you to recompile vpopmail... and everything that uses it.

If the patched qmail-smtpd uses the vpopmail library, it needs to be re-linked. If you keep your source available that usually means make; make install. Many makefiles are smart enough not to wipe out your configuration settings, but always have a backup!

Re-compiling this way may be a bit of a hassle, but it allows vpopmail to be much more efficient in day to day operation.

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