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Charles M. Gerungan wrote:

I've followed the instructions w.r.t. maildrop and vpopmail according to
Johan Almqvist[1] and it's working as expected. Is it possible to have
vpopmail create the required files -- MAILDIRFILTER, MAILDIR and the
adopted .qmail file -- automatically upon creation of a new virtual use,
like skel files for the shell?

[1] http://www.almqvist.net/johan/qmail/vpopmail+maildrop.html

Not yet, there might be a patch for it in cvs at sourceforge, if there
is not, this would certainly be a good feature.

There was a thread a long time ago about this, but the author never
replied again when asked to update his code, so that it would work better.

It never made it into SourceFORGE patches either, so the only place to find it is the mailing list. I would like to see this happen, something like:

When creating a directory for a new user:

if there is a .skel directory in the domain directory, copy it as the new users home directory.

else if there is a .skel directory in ~vpopmail/domains/ copy it

else use the existing code.


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