I tried to send a message to a test domain before going full-on with it and
I'm not getting the results I thought I would.
Here is the command I used:
# vpopbull -f <file> -V <blah.com>

What I got was an empty e-mail that when you view the source you see the
contents of the file I specified.
So I though I'd try sending a perl script as <file> and it was interesting
to see that not only showed the contents of the file but didn't show the
commented lines unless I viewed the source of the message.

So, I copied a line from an e-mail header in my inbox and stuck it in <file>
like this thinking it might work:

MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

Subject: Permanent Errors in email


This is a test message.

Seems like this is the way to do it. My questions:
- Anyone see this as incorrect or have a better way?
- How do I specify the "Subject:" of the message?
- Can I send html mail with vpopbull? (exec's have a cute little template
for our user meetings (yawn)).

Im using:


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