On Thursday 17 June 2004 02:31 pm, Christian Reeves wrote:
> I tried to send a message to a test domain before going full-on with it and
> I'm not getting the results I thought I would.
> Here is the command I used:
> # vpopbull -f <file> -V <blah.com>

where <file> is a properly formatted email.

> What I got was an empty e-mail that when you view the source you see the
> contents of the file I specified.
> So I though I'd try sending a perl script as <file> and it was interesting
> to see that not only showed the contents of the file but didn't show the
> commented lines unless I viewed the source of the message.


> So, I copied a line from an e-mail header in my inbox and stuck it in
> <file> like this thinking it might work:
> -------------
> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
> Subject: Permanent Errors in email
> hi!
> This is a test message.
> --------------

well, make sure if you have mime headers that you have boundaries and such.  
It's probably best to generate an email in your mail client, send it to 
yourself, save it to the server, and then delete what you don't want in it 
then run vpopbull with that.

> Seems like this is the way to do it. My questions:
> - Anyone see this as incorrect or have a better way?

I would personally use Russell Nelson's qmail-popbull for such a thing myself, 
but this way should work fine too.

> - How do I specify the "Subject:" of the message?

It's a header, just like any other email's Subject: header (hint, view the 
source of this message when you get it)

> - Can I send html mail with vpopbull? (exec's have a cute little template
> for our user meetings (yawn)).

yup.  As stated before I would suggest doing this in your mail client, sending 
it to yourself, and trimming up the copy you received.  I wouldn't use 
outlook or outlook express for this purpose.  Use a REAL mail client, like 
mozilla or something.


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