On Friday 18 June 2004 07:36 am, Christian Reeves wrote:
> I recently moved from a system account based setup to vpopmail for my
> primary domain. I'm in the practice of keeping system accounts limited to 8
> characters.
> Questions:
> 1 - Since I'm now using vpopmail (no system accounts), are there any
> vpopmail gotchas in allowing longer usernames? Granted,
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" may be a bit extravagant, but is it bad
> practice in any way?.

The lengths are defined in vpopmail.h
#define MAX_PW_NAME         32
#define MAX_PW_DOMAIN       64

By default the max user name is 32 chars (might be 31 with the trailing null)
and max domain name is 64. You can change those to whatever you want
before compiling.

> 2- Is it possible to set a max char. length limit for vpopmail accounts?
> Would this be better implemented/enforced with frontend scripting to check
> the lengh before even calling 'vadduser'?

Change vpopmail.h. The API calls and associated programs will return an
error if the lenghts are exceeded. Might as well use the built in error 

Ken Jones

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