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On Monday 21 June 2004 02:37 pm, Mario Vazquez wrote:
> I have a system with qmail, vpopmail 5.4.4 and qmail-scanner.  I patch the
> qmail with the respective queue patches.  And the qmail-scanner works but
> only with incomming email.  It doesn't work with outgoing email.  I read
> somewhere in the qmail-queue that apparently there is some kind of bug on
> vpopmail.  I would like to know if anyone else that use qmail-scanner has
> the same problem. 

no, there's no bug.  I'll simply assume that you're using qmail-scanner with 
spamassassin (since you never really said) and that it's not passing the 
message off to spamassassin when you're sending an outbound email.  The 
reason for this is because (as stated in the FAQ) qmail-scanner doesn't pass 
mails to spamassassin when RELAYCLIENT is set.

If this is not the case you'll have to be MUCH more specific as to how 
qmail-scanner "isn't working".


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