> Fernando Costa de Almeida wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I'm having some problems trying to upgrade my vpopmail 5.2 
> to 5.4.0. The
> > compilation goes well (no errors at this stage), but after the
> > instalation, just a few minutes later, the load of the 
> server begins to
> > get high, very high... :-(. When issuing a top, I see a lot 
> of process
> > of vdelivermail eating all cpu resources:
> > 
> I bet you now have quota support enabled, and you did not 
> before.  

        Actually, I already had quota support enabled, but just for user
accounts, not for the entire domain.

> That means that the first time vdelivermail attempts to deliver mail
to an 
> account it must scan all the existing mail to determine the 
> file space 
> being used.

        Can the new feature of domain quota be causing this behaviour
too? Although I had enabled the domain quota support, I did not set any
domain quota yet. Even in this case, will vpopmail still scan my domains
in order to calculate these disk usages?

> You can either disable quota support, or just live with it.  Once 
> everyone has received their first new email their disk usage 
> information 
> will be cached, and the number of full directory scans will 
> go way down.
> It is bad at first because every new message is to a user 
> without cached 
> disk usage information.
> Rick

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