EnderUNIX, the first open-source software development team in Turkey,
proudly announces the availability of it's 7th software, Zabit, by
one of our developers N. Ersen Siseci.

Almost anyone would agree that the most prominent problem facing mail
server administrators is spam mails. For that our team, specializing on
qmail for several years, has decided to code a program which will be
able to detect and reject spam before the mail gets queued.

Zabit is a content/attachment filter for qmail. It's been coded in C
language for performance reasons. It's much more fast and efficient
than its script-based counterparts. Thanks to its attachment filtering
capability, the number of mails to be scanned by Clamav decreases by
33 percent. This improves the performance of your mail server dramatically,
and your users receive less spam mails.

The project is named after a nostalgic name Zabit. Zabit runs with
qmail+qscanq+clamav and project consists of two main components, zabit
and zabit-wrp. Zabit does content filtering and attachment control,
whereas zabit-wrp is designed to allow a virus-scanner to co-exist with zabit.

Project Web site: http://www.enderunix.org/zabit
Mailing list : zabit at lists.enderunix.org
Author : N. Ersen Siseci <siseci at enderunix.org || siseci at

Best regards,
EnderUNIX Team.

Omer Faruk Sen
Software Development Team @ Turkey
For Public key: http://www.enderunix.org/ofsen/ofsen.asc

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