i have a problem (5.3.18, not going to upgrade any time soon). in order to scale disk space, i've been symlinking new domain directories to space on another filer, e.g.

the main domain directory is /u1/domains. the first 'overflow' subdirectory is /u1/domains/0. after i create a new domain in vqadmin, i run a small script that moves, for examply, /u1/domains/0/xyz.com to /u2/domains/0/xyz.com, and drops a symlink in its place.

in trying to outsmart the system, i pre-created /u2/domains/1, and dropped a symlink in /u1/domains, hoping to have all new domains that would go into '1' go onto the new filer. that didn't work. vqadmin/vpopmail simply created /u1/domains/2/newsite.com. okay, fair enough - i deleted the domain i'd just created, then deleted the the symlinked '1' directory. figured i'd just write a new script to move the domain directories under '1' just like those for '0'. in the process of trying to get this nailed down, vqadmin/vpopmail managed to create /u1/domains/2, /u1/domains/3, and now /u1/domains/4. i can't seem to get it to resume using '1'.

anyone have a tip for how to fix this? i suppose, in the bigger scheme of things, i could just move forward with '4', but having 1 through 3 missing lacks symmetry.

thanks in advance.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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