I've checked the archives, but searching on "archive" or "log" is fruitless.

Generic qmail offers a way to archive all emails to a specific user via a
fix to the extra.h file prior to compiling. For years, I've patched it to
route mail to user "qmaillog" and its worked well.

Every time I try to implement this along with vpopmail, I get hundreds of
vdelivermail processes launched and nothing ends up in
domains/whatever.com/qmaillog's Maildir. When I recompile qmail with a
default extra.h everything works as expected, but there's no archiving.

What I'm really after is an archive per virtual domain, not an archive for
qmail as a whole. At this point however, since I can't get any form of
archiving to work, I'd implement whatever I can get to function.

Is there a known technique for archiving per virtual domain? 
Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

Bill Gradwohl
(817) 224-9400 x211

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