Currently the smtp server that our clients use to send emails is the same
smtp server that is used by the "world" sending emails to our clients.

Often we find that emails coming from the "world" being delivered to our
clients cause high load 40+ and then clients have problems sending
outgoing email. We are considering changing the MX record so that emails
being delivered to our clients will use a different smtp server ie and clients would use to
send emails.

We use a total of 8 qmail servers, one for the storage of the email boxes
and the mysql DBs. One for a backup of this server and select queries for
the DBs. The other 6 qmail servers are used for pop3/imap/webmail/smtp.

I was thinking we would use 2 servers for pop3/imap/webmail (load
balanced), 2 for incoming SMTP & Spam filtering, 2 for outgoing SMTP.

I would appreciate some feedback about this.


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