We are having a very strange problem with our qmail + vpopmail
installation; I'm hoping someone on this list can enlighten me as to
the problem.

First of all, this is a production system which has been happily
working for over a year. Authed POP users of arbitrary domains are
added to open-smtp->tcp.smtp.cdb as per vpopmail's usual control path.
This tells me that the system at large is configured as it should be.

However, we have one user with a domain that will *not*  work
correctly: he auths and nothing is added to open-smtp.  This is the
case for any user within this domain - incl. new users I create. As I
have just taken over control of the system from my predecessor, I'm
not sure if this has always been the case for this user or if it
started at some point after acct. inception.

When I create new test domains to try to replicate the problem, I am
unable to. Every other domain works fine.

My tiny brain cannot seem to grasp a way in which it's possible that
roaming SMTP is broken for just one out of many domains, while this
domain appears to be exactly the same as any other wrt config files
and directory structure. Anyone have any ideas?

I tried to find another report of this on this list but failed - I
apologize if this has been covered already. It was kind of a hard
thing to search for.

Many thanks,
Jon Steinhart

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