David Brinks wrote:
I'm not exactly sure which list to bounce this request off of but I'll start
here.  If this would be better on a different list, please let me know.

ok... Server farm setup is....

srv01 - mysql-master database.
srv02, srv03 and srv04 are machines with identical installation of
qmail/mysql/vpopmail/courier/etc... (built using Matt Simerson's toaster.)
srv05 is an NFS storage server.

srv02, srv03 and srv04 have mysql servers that are replicated from srv01.
vpopmail version is 5.4.2
ucspi-tcp is 0.88 with Simerson's mysql+rss patch.
courier-imap is 3.0.2
mysql is 4.0.18 (srv01 through srv04 have same versions)

Everything seems to be working fine but the last couple of days, I'll
occassionaly see the following in my logs.

Jun 29 11:07:18 srv03 vpopmail[47983]: vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found
Jun 29 11:07:18 srv03 imapd: vmysql: sql error[1]: Can't create database
'vpopmail'. Database exists


Upgraded to vpopmail 5.4.5, part of the release was fixes to the mysql code.



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