I'm setting up a new server with vpopmail 5.4.4 (should be the latest
stable?), and everything was working as it should until I got to the
point of load testing. I added 10,000 accounts (not quite as many as I
have on the production server, which runs vpopmail 5.2.1) to test.com on
the server with this script:

# Script to create some email accounts on the test server @test.com
for i in `seq 1 10000`;
  /usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vadduser -n [EMAIL PROTECTED]

which completes in fairly short order (took about 2 minutes) with no
errors. Looking at the domain in vqadmin and through mysql directly show
all the users, and everything looks fine.

However, when I then send a mail to any user (doesn't matter which)
qmail-local kicks off the delivery process and it takes a LONG time and
there is LOTS of disk access. By using the lsof command i was able to
see what files vdelivermail had open, and it was pretty clear that it
was traversing EVERY maildir on the domain (only one domain right now -
I don't know if it would traverse other domains as well) before
delivering the mail to the correct Maildir (which it will do
eventually). While not documented as "not right", it clearly isn't
supposed to do that (as it would take forever for the server to get
anything done).

Is this a known issue? Possibly my compile-time options for vpopmail?
Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug? Any comments/suggestions are

- Nick Bright
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