> I see. You said, in your previous message:
> "The code in vpopmail was first trying to connect to the server for a given
> database. If that was failing, it would try the server only and if that
> succeeded, it was considering that the server was fine but that the DB was
> not created."
> So, wouldnt it be safer to consider the second try, if it succeeds? Sorry,
> I dont understand why consider that the database was not created only
> because it took 2 tries to connect to the database.

The way the program before patch was working was

        if(openDB( Host, Database) != OK) {
                if(openDB(Host) == OK) {
                        create database

After the patch it is

        if(openDB(Host) != OK) {
                return "Can not connect"

        if(useDB(Database) != OK) {
                create database

A trivial patch really.

In the pre-patch case, if the first "openDB" fails, it could be because the DB 
is not available...And it goes downhill from there

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