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>I'd like to do whitelist receipients for my domains with Spamcontrol.
>In the documentation, it's write we can't use RECIPIENT features with 
>virtuals domains :
>The RECIPIENTS extension makes qmail-smtpd aware of acceptable local 
>RECIPIENTS. The RECIPIENTS are kept in 'fastforward' compatible cdbs for 
>a case-insensitve quick lookup during the SMTP session. The lookup is 
>done for RECIPIENTS whose domain part match an entry in control/locals 
>and is not applied for virtual domains.

This is true, unless you've modified (conf-spamcontrol) to allow
SPAMCONTROL to do whitelisting on all addresses as per rcpthosts.

>But some people say it's possible, so ?



./spamcontrol.sh -u 2212; ./spamcontrol.sh; make; make setup

>When I add a domain in control/locals, mails a not delivred :

vpopmail is responsible for virtualdomain deliveries, whereas qmail is for

>A lots of spam in send to unexistent address :((, and my server have to 
>manage a lots of bounces. What is the best way in order to avoid this ?

The is no alternative to whitelisting. Whether you use the RECIPIENTS
extension (with SPAMCONTROL) or qmail-goodrcptto or whatever.

However, it only makes sense if YOU know all recipient addresses.

The next release of SPAMCONTROL / RECIPIENTS extension will allow
domain-wildlisting - a smart method to control incoming "rcpt to:" addresses.


PS: I should put the next release of RECPIENTS extension next week on my
web page. It will coexist with SPAMCONTROL 2.2.

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