Thanks for answering.  I did see that disable-users-big-dir option,
so I configured with it.

It seems to still do the following though:

1. create .dir-control in the domains directory.
2. complain when removing a domain that it can't delete the dir control.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]$ ./vadddomain testcom
[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]$ ./vdeldomain
Warning: Failed to delete dir_control for

Even though /home/cust/vpopmail/domains/ is gone,
there is a .dir-control file in /home/cust/vpopmail/domains. I manually
deleted this file, but every time I add a new domain it creates this file
again. Not sure why ./vdeldomain would be complaining when there
wasnt a .dir-control in the first place associated with the domain I was

Any ideas?


On Jun 30, 2004, at 5:27 PM, Ken Jones wrote:

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 03:37 pm, Brian Feeny wrote:
First, is there a way to disable the Dir Control functionality of

Sure. Use this option


If not, is there any downside to just not using it?

Just the optimization for keeping the number of directories in a directory to a efficent level.

You may ask why I need to do this.

We do our own hashing of directories and usernames here, using our own
script systems.
I like this because the paths that we are creating are predictable
since we are determining them
instead of dir control/vadduser.

Since you do your own hashing, no need to use vpopmail's.

Ken Jones


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