You don't find documentation about vpopmail SSL, because there is not the job of vpopmail.

You have to use a POP3 wrapper with SSL support (check Jeremy's answer).

Another solution is to use a POP3 server which support SSL natively.

It work fine with vpopmail for offer POP3/SSL and IMAP/SSL services.


Jeremy Kitchen a acrit :

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 22:24, Seth Banks wrote:

I am running an OpenBSD 3.x system with qmail/vpopmail installed and
running wonderfully. I am worried about POPing my mail from remote
locations (wifi @ café’s etc…) and would like to be able to run vpopmail on
an SSL protected port. Despite hours of searching, I’ve not found any
article or information that would show me how to do this.


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