I read with some interest the thread about 5.4.5 that mentions this
particular error:

Jul  1 19:11:41 blah pop3d: vmysql: sql error[1]: Can't create database
'vpopmail'. Database exists

Today we've been getting a ton of complaints about users needing to enter
their passwords multiple times.  This is pop, imap, and smtp-auth.
Additionally it looks like the chkusr patch is having issues as well; I've
seen a few bounces (my C-coding buddy is hopefully going to get that patch
to act a bit more nicely if it can't hit mysql).  This is vpopmail 5.3.30,
mysql 4.0.17 on FreeBSD 4.8.

Seeing as I'm getting failures across the board, I have to assume there's
some issue with accessing mysql.

The box is working hard, but not struggling.  I've seen the above errors
when the load is as low as .40.  MySQL is set to a max-connections of
2000.  MySQL does not log anything interesting when I enable logging
except for the expected "Aborted connection" messages from the vpopmail
stuff not calling mysql_close().

I'm stumped here.  MySQL seems to be fine, the load isn't insane, the
vpopmail user has no cpu/file limits, nor does MySQL's user, yet all
vpopmail stuff that hits the db fails periodically.

Any ideas what to look at?

I know I should get on 5.4.x, but I have to test that elsewhere for any
surprises first.

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