What I'd like to know is what some of you other admins are using -- are there any we are missing that are effective? Has anyone found that one of the above is not providing any usefulness and could be dropped?

We're currently using:


We used to run njabl like you, but stopped due to us seeing an influx of customer complaints. To be honest I didn't research it much, but once the tickets started to fill up due to that list, I just dropped it.

I still think the best filtering we do however is via the SURBL using SpamAssassin. It searchs the message content for known spam URI's and SpamAssassin scores from that point. I'd have to say that in the last five years I've spent doing spam filtering, it's the most effective list I've ever used.

If you are using SpamAssassin, you can find more information on it at http://www.surbl.org/. They have a few lists you can use with SpamAssassin, and they all work well.

Also, I'm a bit biased to the SURBL since I am a public nameserver administrator for them, however that is just due to how well the product works, I felt I needed to give something back to them for the hard work they do on development.


Joe Boyce System Administrator InterStar, Inc - Shasta.com Internet

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