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> What I'd like to know is what some of you other admins are using -- are
> there any we are missing that are effective? Has anyone found that one of
> the above is not providing any usefulness and could be dropped?

I use sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org and relays.ordb.org.  Also, but only for reasons of 
a personal nature, china.blackholes.us, and verio.blackholes.us .... but I 
would never use those on a customer's server.

spamcop and spews are on my shitlist for my dealings with them in the past 
(they are way overly anal about their listing policies).

Not using at least relays.ordb.org in your blacklisting policy, in my opinion, 
is a bad idea, as relays.ordb.org is a fully automated blacklisting service 
for open relays.  Anyone running an open relay needs to fix it, and 
blacklisting them is probably the quickest way to get their attention :)


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