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> This mail store server is responsible for the store of the
> vpopmail/domains directory (NFS mounted by the 'client servers') and run
> SQL select queries to verify passwords... The read / writes on the disks
> are reaching the limit of the IDE RAID controller and the 100-base
> network.

Assuming you're using this central machine also as your (only) mysql server 
for the cluster, there are several things you can do to increase the 

1) replicate the backend mysql server to the front machines and configure 
vpopmail with mysql replication support and have each 'node' talk to its own 
local mysql server.  This will decrease the amount of traffic across the 
network, and the load on the nfs server TREMENDOUSLY.

2) set up a dedicated mysql server (or cluster) and perhaps even set it up on 
a different physical network from that of your NFS server (multiple NIC cards 
in each machine) and have vpopmail talk to that.  I would recommend 1 over 2 
as it's easier to set up and to 'migrate to' (you can do it while you're 
live) and doesn't require purchasing more equipment, and also decentralizes 
everything all at once!

Also, on top of that, I would consider disabling auth logging as it performs 
an insert/update upon every authentication which, no matter what will go back 
to your central mysql server, and if you have mysql being replicated, will be 
replicated to the front machines, which will almost nearly negate any 
performance increases you may (and very likely will) see by switching to a 
replicated mysql configuration.

Also! (last one, I promise!) if you're using vpopmail's roaming users support, 
stop now.  completely disable roaming users in your vpopmail configuration 
and set up Bruce Guenter's relay-ctrl package 
(http://untroubled.org/relay-ctrl).  No funky cronjob to run, no patches 
required to ucspi-tcp (there's a patch out there to make it talk to mysql, 
eek) no central cdb file to rebuild upon connection attempts, AND it's safe 
to mount the spool directory on NFS (I've done it) as it doesn't require 
locking or anything.

Hope this helps.


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