Rainer Duffner wrote:

Eric Ziegast wrote:

What we're seeing is that our network and RAID 5 IDE-based disk array on
our central mail store server is not able to keep up with the 'client'
servers doing the POP3, IMAP, Webmail, and SMTP legwork.

I've found an interesting bottleneck with webmail.  When people use
POP or IMAP clients (Outlook, Mozilla, Opera, Thunderbird, etc.),
the client application caches alot of the information locally and
synchronizes occasionally with the server to see if there are new
messages.  Things like browsing and searching run eally fast because
the user is utilizing the resources of their local PC to do most of
teh work.  With webmail, the session state is not saved nor cached,
so with each new request, the mailbox can be rescanned.

I think, if you use sqwebmail, it *will* cache some information.
I've got a very large mailbox, with over 50000 messages (though split in 100 directories) amounting to over 350 MB of mail, mostly mailinglists like this one.
When I open a folder the first time in sqwebmail, it takes a lot of time, but the second time, it's rather quick (as quick as opening a folder with 3000 messages can be).
I like sqwebmail, though I sometimes think I'm the only one and the rest of the world wants squirrelmail and IMP ;-)

There is at least one other sqwebmail user out here... I like the fact that it directly accesses maildirs rather than opening a connection via tcp/ip to retrieve mail.


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