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> Also, on top of that, I would consider disabling auth logging as it performs
> an insert/update upon every authentication which, no matter what will go back
> to your central mysql server, and if you have mysql being replicated, will be
> replicated to the front machines, which will almost nearly negate any
> performance increases you may (and very likely will) see by switching to a
> replicated mysql configuration.

Interesting...  Refresh my memory on this, is it a compile-time switch?
How does vpopmail behave if that table does not exist?

> Also! (last one, I promise!) if you're using vpopmail's roaming users
> support, stop now.  completely disable roaming users in your vpopmail
> configuration and set up Bruce Guenter's relay-ctrl package
> (http://untroubled.org/relay-ctrl).  No funky cronjob to run, no patches
> required to ucspi-tcp (there's a patch out there to make it talk to
> mysql, eek) no central cdb file to rebuild upon connection attempts, AND
> it's safe to mount the spool directory on NFS (I've done it) as it
> doesn't require locking or anything.

Hmmm...  Good suggestion, is there anything similar that will deal with
Courier's pop3d?

Do you have a rough feel for at what point trying to decrease updates will
help things along?  2000 users?  10,000 users?



> Hope this helps.
> -Jeremy
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