> The "standard" chkuser patch that vpopmail uses (see Bill 
> Shupp's update to the original: 
> http://www.shupp.org/patches/chkuser-0.6.mysql.patch) has 
> some rather nasty behaviours.
> If for some reason your mysql server is unavailable (load has 
> shot so high that mysql can't return a prompt reply, you're 
> upgrading mysql, taking db down for maintenance, etc.) the 
> chkusr patch will start telling remote smtp clients that the 
> user doesn't exist.  This is not good; you never want to send 
> a 550 on a user that really does exist; people get upset when 
> things bounce, and mailing lists start looking at auto-removal.

That explains a lot.

I thought the chkuser patch was awesome until I started seeing 550's
bouncing to customers for email addresses that aren't actually 550.  

I'll be happy when the new patch comes about that fixes this issue.


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