Charles Sprickman wrote:

I'm preparing chkuser 2.0, that will integrate all these changes, and
will improve a lot of other things.

Excellent.  I also have a coworker looking at the patch to see if he can
build a workaround.  I'm also considering just changing the patch to
return a temporary failure.  Considering most of what chkusr blocks is
spam, why not let it queue on the remote end?  Nasty, but oddly

Take a look at vpopmail CVS HEAD. What I did was add a vauth_open() function in vmysql.c, and every other authentication back end that did not already have one. It returns 0 if the database opens properly or some negative number if there was an error.

I really think the right thing to do is make that change to vpopmail, then in the chkuser patch return a temporary failure if the database does not open properly.

Should I make a patch with just this feature against 5.4.5? Will someone merge it - or can I?


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