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There's some larger issue here that involves a moderately loaded machine
running both mysql and qmail (and incidentally, vpopmail) having trouble
getting some sql queries out in time.  The mysql people (mostly Zawodny)
don't think it's a bug/problem with mysql but that qmail can easily swamp
a system to the point that mysql bogs down, even with all the tables
cached in memory.

For most vpopmail operations, it's not a big deal; an occasional login
failure or mail being deferred.  But on the chkusr side, a mysql burp
leads to rejected mail.

Personally, I feel MySQL unsafe for such operations, and I'll switch to OpenLDAP before or later.

I'm really worried about MySQL reliability. When I used cdb I did not have a problem for years. Now the message "MysQL server is gone" terrifies me.

> This is a known problem, that will be resolved as vpopmail will
> integrate such checks (I've been told these checks on DB connects are
> going to be put inside vpopmail CVS).

I hope that gets backported to 5.4.x, sounds like a good fix.

> I'm preparing chkuser 2.0, that will integrate all these changes, and
> will improve a lot of other things.

Excellent.  I also have a coworker looking at the patch to see if he can
build a workaround.  I'm also considering just changing the patch to
return a temporary failure.  Considering most of what chkusr blocks is
spam, why not let it queue on the remote end?  Nasty, but oddly


if you are willing to test, I'll send you a pre-release of chkuser 2.0, so your coworker may test new vpopmail vauth_open routines and new chkuser functionalities.

Just I need one week to release a "fully working and tested" pre-release.


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