You should be able to use relay-ctrl with courier-pop. I'm using it
successfully with courier-imap and the courier-imap and courier-pop
daemons use the same backend auth stuff which is what you need (relay-ctrl
only needs the authenticated POP or IMAP login to open SMTP).


> On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
>> safe over nfs
>> doesn't require rebuilding a cdb file every authentication
>> easy to install
> I know, I saw you mention this the other day, but I'm not using
> qmail-pop3d, I'm running courier.  If I switch pop3 servers again, people
> will go nuts ("Why am I getting my WHOLE inbox again??", blah blah blah).
> I may try it on my own box though.  I just finished setting up Bruce's
> smtpfront for someone else.  Pretty nifty stuff.
> Charles
>> -Jeremy

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