I am trying to implement the chkusr patch (which was good for vpopmail
5.3), but I've come across the following error:

./load qmail-smtpd rcpthosts.o commands.o timeoutread.o  timeoutwrite.o
ip.o ipme.o ipalloc.o control.o constmap.o  received.o date822fmt.o
now.o qmail.o cdb.a fd.a wait.a  datetime.a getln.a open.a sig.a case.a
env.a stralloc.a  alloc.a substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a auto_qmail.o
`cat  socket.lib`
qmail-smtpd.o: In function `realrcpt_check':
qmail-smtpd.o(.text+0x95b): undefined reference to `default_domain'
qmail-smtpd.o(.text+0x9f8): undefined reference to `vget_real_domain'
qmail-smtpd.o(.text+0xa34): undefined reference to `vget_assign'
qmail-smtpd.o(.text+0xb1f): undefined reference to `vauth_getpw'
qmail-smtpd.o(.text+0xb4a): undefined reference to `valias_select'
*** Error code 1

I've searched through the archives and Google with no results regarding
Vpopmail 5.4.x.  I have tried adding "-I/usr/local/vpopmail/include" to
conf-cc even though qmail-smtpd.c includes vpopmail.h, vpopmail_config.h
and vauth.h (with full paths).

Any suggestions?


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