Jeremy Kister wrote:

<>after patching, did you modify the Makefile, as well ?
edit the Makefile, look for qmail-smtpd:, and after `cat socket.lib`, add

(adjusting for you're vpopmail's home, of course)

you'll also need to look for qmail-smtpd.o:, and add
/home/vpopmail/include/vpopmail.h /home/vpopmail/include/vauth.h
before the ./compile qmail-smtpd.c

Thanks Jeremy, that did the trick. Just so this gets googled in case someone else has the same issue, here's a patch:
--- Makefile.patch Tue Jul 13 07:43:55 2004
+++ Makefile Mon Jun 15 03:53:16 1998
@@ -1542,8 +1542,7 @@
received.o date822fmt.o now.o qmail.o cdb.a fd.a wait.a \
datetime.a getln.a open.a sig.a case.a env.a stralloc.a \
alloc.a substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a auto_qmail.o `cat \
- socket.lib` -lcrypt -lz -lm /usr/local/vpopmail/lib/libvpopmail.a \
- /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a
+ socket.lib`

qmail-smtpd.0: \
@@ -1554,9 +1553,7 @@
substdio.h alloc.h auto_qmail.h control.h received.h constmap.h \
error.h ipme.h ip.h ipalloc.h ip.h gen_alloc.h ip.h qmail.h \
substdio.h str.h fmt.h scan.h byte.h case.h env.h now.h datetime.h \
-exit.h rcpthosts.h timeoutread.h timeoutwrite.h commands.h \
-/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql/mysql.h \
-/usr/local/vpopmail/include/vpopmail.h /usr/local/vpopmail/include/vauth.h
+exit.h rcpthosts.h timeoutread.h timeoutwrite.h commands.h
       ./compile qmail-smtpd.c

qmail-start: \

<>if you're up for a bigger patch, and you see need for the functionality, you
can try the qmail-1.03.isp.patch, available at which includes chkusr.

I've heard of the patch and I'll take a better look at it.

Thanks for your help!

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