On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Tom Collins wrote:

> Someone, somewhere determined the proper order (based on documentation,
> perhaps related to the chkpasswd(?) program used on non-vpopmail
> systems) and the latest (0.42) SMTP AUTH patch and the code in vpopmail
> 5.4.0 were both fixed.

Excellent.  Sounds fair enough.

> You should be able to apply your super-patch-pack, then unpatch (patch
> -r?) your original SMTP AUTH patch and then apply the latest patch.

I looked at what I was doing (this is an old install) and found that Bill
Shupp's mega-patch plus chkusr is really all I need.  So I started over
with netqmail and the latest patchsets.  So far all is well under 5.3.30
with the updated qmail, so I'll be giving the upgrade a shot soon.

> Hard to say.  We started using an external file
> (~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql) to store MySQL settings instead of
> having them hard-coded in vmysql.h.

Looks like I already had that.

> If you've read through the ChangeLog entries, you should have seen any
> critical issues.  We started supporting valiases in MySQL fully in
> vpopmail and qmailadmin (so you can replace aliases, forwards and
> autoresponders in .qmail-alias files with MySQL table entries).

Looked at each release from 5.3.30 - 5.4.6 and didn't see anything big
beyond the smtp-auth issue.  Until my db issues are sorted out I'll be
declining on the valias stuff. :)  I have to give PGSQL a shot sometime as
well.  It looks like people have been cleaning that up a bit.



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