although this is a highly maildrop regarded question, I have to ask 
here, since maildrop folks seem to be unresponsive..

some of you are using maildrop together with vpopmail, usually somewhere 
in the maildirfilter file there's some line like 
VPOP="| /var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox"
to "$VPOP"

this works totally fine, when the user exists.
however if he doesn't, vpopmail exits 100, which seems to be a great 
problem for maildrop: any process not exiting 0 makes maildrop exit 
with code 75. this is especially bad, because 75 means for qmail to 
defer this message and try it again and again until the queuelifetime 
is reached. and we all know about those little spammers trying invalid 

so, how do you do it?
use the chkuser patch for qmail, so no illegal users get into the queue?
write a wrapper for vpopmail so that it exits 0 even when the user 
doesn't exist?
use some hack for maildrop??

each way seems to have it's own disadvantage :/

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