On Thursday 15 July 2004 01:31 pm, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> grep vpopmail /etc/passwd | awk -F ":" '{print $6}'
> or
> grep vpopmail /etc/passwd | cut -d':' -f6
> Reason I'm asking is I'm making some minor modifications to the Makefile
> for the chkuser patch and I want to make sure they're as absolutely
> portable as possible before releasing it to the masses.

also, while on the topic of portability, I noticed that djb does not include 
ANY variable substitutions (only backtick ` ` substitutions) in his Makefile.  
I'm curious if this is also for portability reasons.  Anyone aware of any 
implementations of the 'make' program that don't understand variable 
substitions in Makefiles, or any situations (lack of /bin/sh compatible 
shell, perhaps?) that might make variable substitutions not possible?

Thanks again :)


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