> so, how do you do it?
> use the chkuser patch for qmail, so no illegal users get into the queue?
> write a wrapper for vpopmail so that it exits 0 even when the user 
> doesn't exist?
> use some hack for maildrop??

I am also having the same problems.  I hadn't noticed it until my queue
was over 30,000 messages.  I haven't had the time to work out a real
solution yet.  I didn't know if it was better to hack maildrop or hack
vdelivermail since I haven't even looked into either one of them yet. 
What I had found was that one of my domains was receiving thousands of
messages per hour for non-existent users and bouncing back.  So as a
quick fix, I set the default to delete, I shortened the queuelifetime to
3 days, and increased the concurrency settings because they were
constantly maxed out.

I'd also like to hear what real solutions people have come up with to
deal with this.

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