Dear list,
I have installed qmail, vpopmail, vqadmin, qmailadmin and sqwebmail on two servers of our backbone. I'm managing these servers which run under sun solaris 9. But, i'm not suffisantly trained to manage them very well. So,
i'm looking for an educational training center to increase my experience.
I want to know if INTER7 can provide me this training? If yes, reply me as soon as it possible by giving me a contact email and phone number.

1) I think you've just made more than a few people upset by not looking on the inter7 website for your resource.
You will find this paragraph on page 2, by following the support link.
2) Not a good idea to crosspost to such similar lists.
3) Be ready for some unfriendly responses.

Now, stop sending multiple mails to the same lists, please!

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not with inter7.

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